A Briltex Facility management company ensures that day-to-day activities in a business function effectively. A business needs a workforce to execute the work in an effective way. Sometimes their inhouse team is not enough in handling the work. At that point housekeeping services come into the place. We offer you the talented and dedicated team of housekeepers who can execute the regular work smoothly. Housekeeping services are extremely important for the companies in order to handle the task efficiently. In our housekeeping services there are various types of services are including that we have stated below-

Pantry services: 

The pantry boys services offered by the Brilltex Facility is utmost. Before sending our boys to the companies, we instruct them to work effectively and achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction. Right from serving food to cleaning the kitchen, our pantry boys will do everything effectively. So, if you are looking for the pantry service provider in Odisha, you can contact us right now. 


Security Services: 

We are one of the most renowned and reputed facility management companies that offers you the dedicated team of security guards who keep their eyes on every internal and outside activities and allows you to run your organization with a peaceful mind. Having a strong security workforce in the office is very important. Our excellent level of security solutions are widely appreciated by our clients. We only recruit talented and suitable candidates who know how to safeguard your place. 


Cleaning services:

Working in a cleaning and fresh environment is every organization priority. And offering them the best cleaning services round the clock is our priority. Our team of cleaners reach to your place and do all the needful. Whether you need our professionals to clean residential buildings or commercial buildings, we send our professionals to your place and request them to clean your place effectively. 


Payroll managers:

If you need the help of experienced payroll managers who can effectively handle your accountant work and cashflow, you can contact us. We will send our experienced payroll employees who can handle the accountant related task with ease. 

Office boys service:

In corporate to small tasks like transfering files or asking someone to come at the office, we need the help of boys. Our dedicated office boys will help you in small tasks and make your work easy. 

Industrial housekeeping:

Supported by highly accomplished crew, we are proficient in providing the best crew members for the industrial needs. They are efficient and trustworthy and have years of experience as industrial housekeepers. Our provided services are highly admired by the clients. Despite this we offer industrial housekeeping services to our clients at the best rates. 


We have a team of experienced and dedicated workers. Who are readily available to do tasks for the clients effectively. Right from the crafting lawn, electrical maintenance, school housekeeping to payroll management they will do all the tasks with a delicacy. So, if you are looking for the renowned and reputed housekeeping service providers in odisha, feel free to contact us right now. Here we provide the crew members who have huge years of experience in offering dedicated housekeeping services. 


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