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Briltex Facility Services Pvt. Ltd.

Briltex Facility Services Pvt. Ltd., as the name implies, provides excellent facility management solutions to clients based in Bhubaneswar, India. We supply experienced office assistants, pantry boys, ward boys helpdesk attendants and other commercial housekeepers to guest houses, corporate offices, hospitals/clinics and industries. They excel in offering a host of services including guest house maintenance, garden/lawn maintenance, electrical maintenance, etc. We also provide semi-skilled workers to factories. Contact us for getting our prompt and affordable facility management services.


Briltex Facility is the prominent housekeeping service provider in Odisha, Bhubaneswar. We are the India based company which offers all types of management services for residential and commercial buildings. At Briltex we are known for our client-friendly, high-quality management services. Since we launched our company, the only aim of us is to deliver the best housekeeping to our clients to get their 100% satisfaction. We are on a mission to clean every space of residential and commercial buildings. 


A big or small building doesn’t matter to us. If you need our housekeeping services, you can call us anytime. As soon as we get your request for housekeeping services, our dedicated team of members will reach at your doorstep and offer you the best services that perfectly match with your expectations. 


We do care about the environment. That’s why the products and machines we used to clean the commercial and residential buildings are eco-friendly. We save your valuable time and money by offering premium housekeeping services at a reasonable rate. 


Though we work across Odisha and Bhubaneswar locally, our services are premiums. Our services are specially designed to cater to the needs of each client. We understand your requirement regarding our service is different from other clients, that's why we request to share all your housekeeping requirements with our professionals. As soon as we get your service request, we will work on it and come back with the best solutions. 


Whether you need talented housekeepers for guest houses, electrical maintenance, pantry, security work, attendants, labour related work, you can contact us. We can provide you a dedicated and talented housekeeper whose work perfectly matches with your requirements.


We offer premium quality-based cleaning services for all types of buildings. From small to large offices or other commercial buildings to industries, warehouses to hospitals and residential buildings. We are round the clock available to offer you the best services. 


We know, a neatly commercial building is an important asset to every organization. It reflects who you are and how much time and money you invest to keep your environment neat and clean. We offer our cleaning services daily, weekly and monthly or an emergency if needed. 


Our managers are very talented and dedicated towards their work. When they receive the request from the client for a housekeeping service, they get back to the client instantly via phone call or email. And discuss all the plans and related services. Before sending the housekeeping team to his site, they first go check the space of the client. Once everything is fine, they send the housekeeping team to his space and request them to offer high-quality services that increase the expectations of the client.


When you choose us for the best, we give you the excellent in return. The sole purpose of our company is to deliver standardized cleaning services to the clients so they always recall us for the same services. We take “First impression is the last impression” very seriously. That’s why our team members never disappoint our clients and always try hard and better to offer them the best cleaning services. 


Housekeeping services are measured as the one of the most demanding services. Because it is difficult for the organizations to keep their environment clean all day. Due to lack of equipment and high-quality based cleaning product they are unable to maintain a high hygienic environment.  At that point, housekeeping service providers in Odisha come into the picture. 


Our team is made with the best cleaners and talented managers. Who do their task very effectively. Our housekeeping staff is known for their remarkable job and dedicated services. They will retain your space round the clock until unless your work gets completed. 


Our housekeeping services are not only for the industries and commercial buildings, but also for the residential space. And the performance level our housekeeping staff offers to our clients will always go beyond their expectations. Our clients who have been hiring us for cleaning tasks never feel regret on their decisions. So, if you want your house to look flawless, hygienic and refresh then feel free to contact us. You can make an inquiry via our phone number or you can share via an email. As soon as we get your service request, we will find out the best housekeeping plan and send our housekeeping with a manager at your doorstep. 


Our Values:

The sole purpose of Brilltex Facility to achieve 100% clients’ satisfaction. And for that we come with the premium housekeeping services that perfectly matches with their expectations. Our standardized and high-quality based housekeeping services are the only reasons for our conversion rates. The client who gives us a cleaning task, security management task, factory security work, office assistance will always get back to us in case you need the housekeepers for any type of work. 


Our core values:

We never make false promises with our clients. The service we can effectively offer to our clients are visual. 

As soon as we get the cleaning service request from our client, we send our dedicated housekeeping at the doorstep of the client within an expected time. 

We take all the responsibility related to the cleaning task and give assurety to our clients that everything is done as per their instructions. 

To achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction. The quality of work we give to our clients is highly appreciable. 


How can we help you?

We all need the support of men workforce to deliver the work with accuracy and in a timely manner. Sometimes your inhouse workforce is not enough to help you. At that point you need the help of a dedicated team of workers, who come at your place and execute the orders as per your instructions. We have a team of talented and dedicated workforce who are readily available to help you. 

• Our security workforce will come at your place and do the needful.

• Our cleaner workforce will come at your place and do the needful

• Our corporate cook workforce will come at your place and do the needful. 

• Our hospital housekeeping workforce will come at your place and do the needful.

• Our industrial housekeeping workforce will come to your place and do the needful. 

• Our payroll managers will come at your place do the needful. 

• Our office boys will come at your place and do the needful 

• Our bank housekeepers will come at your place and do the needful. 

• Our mall housekeepers will come at your place and do the needful,


Distinguishing features:

There are plenty of housekeeping service providers in Odisha. But we are the only one which offers you premium housekeeping services at the best rates. We understand the importance of cleaning. That’s why we serve the best housekeeping services to our clients. By offering cost-effective services in offices, malls, hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings at the best rates, we have gained a huge acceptance in the market. 


Some of the features that take us from our competitors

Save time and money by offering fast housekeeping services at the best rates. 

All the housekeeping services deliver to our clients in no less time. 

We clean like no other. Without creating disturbance and using noise free machines, we do our work very saliently and effectively. 


So, if you are looking for the renowned and reputed housekeeping service providers in Odisha Bhubaneswar, then feel free to contact us. We offer you the standardized housekeeping services to our valuable clients at an affordable pricing. 


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